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About Us

family using wifi at home


Things have changed a lot recently, and due to all these changes, home networks have become a very critical element in people's life. Whoever needs to work from home or everyone that has a student that needs to join the remote classes, don’t want (and most cases don't know) how to handle internet issues, wifi disconnections, and so on.

And to be very honest, network and wifi concepts are not something you can just open a youtube video or step-by-step on the internet that will fix all your issues. Every place, every home, every environment has it's own particularities, and this is something that just experience will be able to identify.

We have seen a lot of people struggling with your home network setup, which have no idea where to start, or sometimes spend a lot of money on the most expensive equipment which not always is what they really need.

All that being said, we decided to launch the Trouble Free Connect. Our mission is to provide a solution that will not bring more troubles or complexity to your life, you should literally forget that the wifi exists because that means everything just works. A lot of stores in the market are selling network solutions for home, but the majority of them, they will provide you with a lot of technical specifications, that are completely product-oriented. How do you know if that product is the right choice for you?

Our store will evolve as we go always looking to achieve our goal and our mission, which is simplifying people's lives but at the same time enabling everyone to have the best user experience as possible. We have years of experience in network solutions to help people with their new reality.

The reason we are here is for you, and only you can tell us how we are doing to achieve our goals and what we need to improve to keep going on our journey. Feel free to send us a message using the Contact Us page to give us your feedback and any suggestions you might have, to improve the store, products or services that would be nice to have.