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Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11
Aruba Instant On AP11 | Wireless Access Point

Aruba Instant On AP11 | Wireless Access Point

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The Aruba Instant On AP11 is designed to be ceiling or wall-mounted and provide wifi in areas with regular internet usages, where the majority connections will be using phones, tablets, TV, smart home devices and so on. It's recommended for up to 50 devices connected.

EASY TO SET UP - Using a mobile App makes the configuration fast and easy, you can have your Wifi up and running in just a few minutes.

RELIABLE - You can have a wifi network that will not disconnect you in the middle of an important meeting, or during the online class of your children. Stay connected all the time without interruptions.

APP VISIBILITY AND CONTROL - Get full visibility into the apps running on your network along with the ability to block certain applications from being used. You also get the flexibility to turn off this feature from the mobile app as well. Important, NO SUBSCRIPTIONS or Licenses needed.

SMART MESH WIFI - Aruba Instant On APs support extending coverage to those hard to reach spaces where you are not able to run a cable. The Aruba Instant On mobile app makes it easy to have a Mesh wifi up in minutes – indoor or outdoor.

ENTERPRISE-GRADE WIFI - Keep users happy as they move between spaces with a seamless handoff between Access Points. Provide wifi access to the whole house. This is the same hardware used for Corporate solutions with optimized antenna design and high-quality hardware.

No Power Supply: If you already have a switch in your network that can provide Power over Ethernet (PoE), you don't need to add any power supply to the order;
AC Power Supply: This a regular power adapter you can add to your order. Remember that you will need a power outlet close by the AP, so if you are planning to install it in the ceiling, keep this in mind.
Power Injector (15.4W 803.2af): This is another way to power your Access Point. The benefit is you can run a network cable with up to 300 ft of distance from the power source. This is very useful for AP that will be mounted in the ceiling, where usually you don't have a power outlet close by.

Fast 802.11ac Wave 2, 2X2:2 MU-MIMO performance
Dimensions: 1152mm x 152mm x 34mm
Weight: 193g
Full datasheet, click here

Aruba Instant On AP11 indoor Access Point
Aruba Instant On AP11 Quick Start Guide
Ceiling rail mount clip
Ethernet cable
Solid surface mount clip

Aruba Instant On 2 Years warranty with 24X7 phone support for the first 90 days and chat support for the entire warranty period. Community support as long as you own the products

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very good

In favor:
- Scope and stability. It is the first time that we have not suffered saturation of the wifi making use of streaming several clients at once. It brings an option to accept distant clients even if the connection is weak (it comes well so you don't throw IoT devices connecting from Easter to bouquets).
- No need to have a physical controller (it is virtual-in the cloud). It is managed by app or web. It seems simple at first glance, but then some hidden options come out.
- APs are added via bluetooth or manually and multiple sites can be managed with their APs. They inherit the configuration of the site without having to go one by one changing parameters.
- Bring most of the options you were looking for: notifications on your mobile if the internet goes or an AP goes down, work with the VLANS that manages the firewall, possibility to create several private and guest Wi-Fi networks (with internal or external captive portal). WPA2+WPA3 that goes well with all customers except with an xbox and an older iphone connecting to a WAP2 network.
- Statistics and usage blocking by application. It comes with a filter that is a good complement to the firewall. It is classified by topic and updated by HP directly (they are not editable blacklists). Useful to leave a more filtered wifi for children.
- Materials. Nothing to do with the typical junk that no chicha, no limone.

- No injector or source. They understand that it is going in an installation with a PoE Switch af.
- It's not filtered by mac. They understand that it goes in an installation with a radius server. I have installed it on the firewall but I would have preferred not to get complicated and load an excel with the allowed macs.
- It gets pretty hot. In working environment I have seen aruba APs last for years and zero problems. time will tell if the series InstantOn is just as reliable.

In short, a wonder compared to the ap omada I had and other economic and simple solutions. Finally without cuts and without wasting time trying to solve the problems of wifi.

Note: If it is a reconditioned product, you must reset to factory before you can add it (reset 15 sec when you turn it on).

Ian North
Low cost, user friendly, surprising amount of functionality for the money

So, with the COVID19 crisis of 2020, a stable and reliable WiFi connection became ever more important while working from home. The equipment provided by Virgin Media (a rebranded Arris router) was proving to be completely inadequate to the task. The signal that the Virgin hub was putting out was weak, it wasn't reaching the back of the house or upstairs. It was hopeless at band steering; it refused to put clients onto 5GHz unless you forced it and its so called dynamic channel selection was a joke, it was always using channels which were already in use by other access points in the vicinity, even on the 5GHz band. Add to that, the DHCP service on the SuperHub was constantly crashing too; devices which had static IPs worked but ones which had dynamic IPs frequently didn't. The only way to fix it was to reboot it.

That all said, the SuperHub was adequate as a internet gateway so I decided to go out and look for a new wireless access point, rather than replace the router entirely. I originally planned to get a Unifi AP but the requirement for controller software to configure it made the option less attractive. I recently helped implement an Aruba wireless network at my workplace so I decided to see how much an Aruba IAP costs in the real world. It was then I found out about the InstantOn range and I decided to order the lowest in the range, thinking it would be adequate for me.

Well, it's certainly that! Theoretically it's slower than the Virgin Superhub 3 in that this AP is a 2x2 and the Virgin is a 3x3 but in practice it makes no difference; my internet connection is still significantly slower than this AP's maximum throughput and I don't copy much data between devices on my network. The Aruba AP puts out a stronger signal on a channel that isn't in use elsewhere so the connection is more reliable and has no interference from neighbouring houses. Band steering works.

Setting the thing up is very Meraki-like, there is an app for iOS or Android which does the initial setup. Further configuration can be done using that app or using the web portal. The AP can broadcast multiple SSIDs and can put them on different VLANs. It can use a PSK for authentication or a RADIUS server. It has a guest network facility with a captive web portal. It can act as a router as well which wasn't something I expected when I ordered it. You can also do mesh wireless with it as well; connect another AP to your network without physically connecting it to the wired part of your network.

It also has some rudimentary traffic analysis and content blocking facilities built into it and it reports on the amount of traffic that passed through it and each category in the last 24 hours. I would say that this is the weakest feature of this device at the moment. The reporting only reports on what's happened in the last 24 hours and its database of apps seems to be pretty small. It's fine for home use and perhaps even SOHO but you wouldn't want to use it if you needed a more thorough reporting facility.

All in all, I'm very happy with this device and would happily get another one if the need arose.

Mr Kitler
User friendly software backed by enterprise grade hardware

Very stable wifi connection throughout apartment, at the farthest corner there's always at least 1-bar and remains stable and never disconnects. Compared to wifi router R6400 v2, the difference is obvious.