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Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11D
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11D
Aruba Instant On AP11D and Power Supply
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11D
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11D
Wireless Access Point | Aruba Instant On AP11D
Deploying Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant On AP11D | Wireless Access Point

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The InstantON AP11D has a specific design for Desk or Wall mount. You can replace your wired ethernet faceplate by the AP, connecting the ethernet cable on the back of the AP. This model also has 3 additional wired ports you can use to connect any other device you might have. It's recommended for up to 50 devices connected. This Access Point can also be configured as your router at home, very straightforward using the Mobile App

EASY TO SET UP - Using a mobile App makes the configuration fast and easy, you can have your Wifi up and running in just a few minutes.

RELIABLE - You can have a wifi network that will not disconnect you in the middle of an important meeting, or during the online class of your children. Stay connected all the time without interruptions.

APP VISIBILITY AND CONTROL - Get full visibility into the apps running on your network along with the ability to block certain applications from being used. You also get the flexibility to turn off this feature from the mobile app as well. Important, NO SUBSCRIPTIONS or Licenses needed.

SMART MESH WIFI - Aruba Instant On APs support extending coverage to those hard to reach spaces where you are not able to run a cable. The Aruba Instant On mobile app makes it easy to have a Mesh wifi up in minutes – indoor or outdoor.

ENTERPRISE-GRADE WIFI - Keep users happy as they move between spaces with a seamless handoff between Access Points. Provide wifi access to the whole house. This is the same hardware used for Corporate solutions with optimized antenna design and high-quality hardware.

No Power Supply: If you already have a switch in your network that can provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to your AP, you don't need to add any power supply to the order;
AC Power Supply: This a regular power adapter you can add to your order.
Power Injector (15.4W 803.2af): This is another way to power your Access Point. The benefit is you can run a network cable with up to 300 ft of distance from the AP. This is very useful for AP that will be mounted in the ceiling, where usually you don't have a power outlet close by.

Fast 802.11ac Wave 2, 2X2:2 MU-MIMO performance
Dimensions: 86mm x 40mm x 150mm
Weight: 313g excluding mount accessories
Full datasheet click here

Aruba Instant On AP11D Desk/Wall Access Point
Aruba Instant On AP11D Quick Start Guide
Single-gang mount kit
Desk mount kit with RJ45 jumper cable
Ethernet cable

2 Years warranty with 24X7 phone support for the first 90 days and chat support for the entire warranty period. Community support as long as you own the products 

Customer Reviews

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Amritha G.
Works great

Works well, easy setup , has 4 ports and support vlans , using it with my pfsense with 4vlans -works like a charm